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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Possibly the most dim-witted suggestion EVER for solving the housing crisis !    

We propose three policies that would hand power back to residents; ways of solving the housing crisis that will also win political parties votes. Each would make a huge difference alone; together they could have a transformative effect on the housing situation in Britain:

  • 1.    Allowing individual streets to vote on giving themselves permitted development rights, to build upwards to a maximum of six storeys and take up more of their plots.
  • 2.    Allowing local parishes to ‘green’ their green belts, by developing ugly or low amenity sections of green belt, and  getting other benefits for the community in turn.
  • 3.    Devolving some planning laws to the new city-region mayors including the Mayor of London. Cities could then decide for themselves if they want to expand and grow and permit extra housing, or maintain their current size and character.

This is from the Adam Smith institute! 17 Aug 2017

Stupidly thinks that the 'solution' is to build more, and even more moronic -- just read what it says -- that the locals with no financial incentive (out of the goodness of their hearts?) would be gagging to cram lots more houses into their back yards.

I thought that the ASI believed in markets and incentives, and maybe even dis-approved of rent-seeking.

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