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Tuesday 6 October 2020

 Chloe Bright New Star of GenerationRent

There’s a bright new star writing about the crisis in the housing market, and specifically the lost ‘Generation Rent’. Because of sharply rising house prices far fewer youngsters can afford to buy a house, and are forced to carry on living with their parents or try their luck on the for-rent market. Chloe isn’t just reporting the generally horrid facts about the reality of renting in England today, she has got out there and interviewed many of the ‘players’.

But Chloe doesn’t stop at the ‘point-and-sigh’ stage, she wants to know what is causing the problem, and why. The main cause of the crisis is that prices have been allowed (by politicians) to get completely out of hand, rising to absurd levels. She gives a very good explanation of how we have arrived at this sorry state through the liberalisation of credit and mortgages, pushing up prices. The alternative public rental sector has been starved and shrunken via sale of council houses. Governments respond by Help-to-buy schemes which only make things worse.    Read on