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Friday 1 March 2024

So you think the Housing Crisis can be fix by BUILDING MORE?

Wrong! and here's the academic evidence, which clearly shows why

This is a paper by Ian Mulheirn from 2019 called Tackling the UK housing crisis: is supply the answer? 

So all of the dimwits who prattle on about

"Oh it's just a simple matter of Supply and Demand, Economics101. 

Build more--increase supply--and prices are bound to come down.!

Don't they realise that the Housing market is anything but normal?

Just the fact that most buyers, especially FTBs need a mortgage shows that the housing market is not 'normal'.

Not normal, in the way that markets for baked beans, laptops, cars or any other commodity operates.

Could this be a false Narrative put out by influential housing stakeholders in order to protect their unearned and undeserved Wealth?

Well, maybe.... See what Liam Halligan said about the IRON Triangle



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